TBJ207: Best of 2022


On This Episode of The Brass Junkies:

  • A clip from each Brass Junkies interview of 2022 along with some brief thoughts on each:

    • TBJ180 Matt Neff of the North Carolina Symphony on getting incredibly nervous in auditions, even two decades into his professional career (2:51)

    • TBJ181 Kevin Newton of Imani Winds on his mental approach to auditions (7:44)

    • TBJ182 Jeff Curnow of The Philadelphia Orchestra on Rolf Smedvig setting the tone for Empire Brass concerts (9:45)

    • TBJ184 International tuba phenom Sergio Carolino on staying away from negative people (11:24)

    • TBJ185 Sylvia Alimena, formerly of the National Symphony Orchestra, on why it's never too early to talk about artistry with students (13:23)

    • TBJ186 Beth Wiese of Appalachian State University on how musicians don’t control much but do control how they approach a piece of music (14:40)

    • TBJ187 Jack Burt of the University of Maine on the concept of any performance being just a snapshot (17:28)

    • TBJ188 Joe Dollard, retired Navy Band, on making the case for strengthening the connection between your singing voice and your playing (19:36)

    • TBJ190 Kevin Gebo of the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own" on the importance of listening (21:43)

    • TBJ191 Steve Lange of the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the breakthrough he had after experiencing a real low point early on in his career (23:31)

    • TBJ192 William Russell of Boston Brass on the intense moment in a lesson with Mike Roylance that really impacted him (27:01)

    • TBJ193 Billy Hunter of the Metropolitan Opera on using his imagination to help him perform at his best  (30:30)

    • TBJ194 Natalie Mannix of the University of North Texas on the benefits of using a Pomodoro timer when practicing (32:32)

    • TBJ195 Jasmine Pigott on overcoming a less than encouraging teacher early in her career and how she went about learning to improvise (35:41)

    • TBJ196 Christopher Davis on the mindset he brings to subbing with orchestras around the world (38:31)

    • TBJ197 Jonathan Fowler of West Chester University on the importance of regularly checking in with yourself to make sure your goals are still your goals (40:57)

    • TBJ198 Terry Bingham, formerly of the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own", on his ability to morph to match any style or any musician and credits listening to lots of different music (43:00)

    • TBJ200 Lance LaDuke, formerly of a lot of things, on being too stupid to quit (45:11)

    • TBJ201 Joe Burgstaller or Arizona State University on teaching students improvisation using a theater technique (48:02)

    • TBJ202 Andrew Dougherty of the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own" on exactly how organized he has been for the three professional auditions he has won to date (52:13)

    • TBJ203 Bruce Faske of Arkansas State University on losing his father and how all we have is today (52:23)

    • TBJ204 Pete Sullivan of the Pittsburgh Symphony on the legendary Charles Dutoit messing with Pete's head in his first year with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (58:02)

    • TBJ205 Kevin Harrison of Axiom Brass on his former teacher, Floyd Cooley, never quitting on him when he was at a difficult point in his life (1:05:10)


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