TBJ206: Rex Richardson, Author of 100 Days of Trumpet Practice

On This Episode of The Brass Junkies:

  • Where he got the idea for this book, 100 Days of Trumpet Practice

  • Shooting videos when he had no idea how to edit video or what he was doing and how he was naive in a good way when he started and learned as he went

  • Why the first thing that needs to happen for any young player is figuring out exactly what you’re trying to sound like

  • Why practicing in front of the TV isn’t ideal

  • Sam Pilafian’s concept of Passive Listening vs. Deep Listening

  • How practicing served as a real saving grace for him during the pandemic

  • The science of expertise and how you develop a skill

  • Why each person needs to figure out what works best for them in the practice room

  • 97% of Rex’s practicing routine is based off of other people’s and about 3% is his own and why that is common in the business

  • The importance of being flexible and allowing your routine to evolve but being rigid in its implementation

  • Playing the same thing every day without it stagnating

  • The 10 skills that are developed in 100 Days of Trumpet Practice

  • Which practicing  skills he found the most difficult to develop when he was younger

  • Why getting efficient as a brass player needs to happen before you get older

  • Rex’s favorite memory of our dearly departed Lance