TBJ205: Remembering Floyd Cooley - Brass Legacy Project

On This Episode of The Brass Junkies:

  • Celebrating the life and career of tuba giant Floyd Cooley with former students Kevin Harrison, Daryl Johnson, Pete Link, Mike Roylance, William Russell and Jerome Stover

  • How each of them met Floyd and came to work with him

  • Which recording of his they would take to the proverbial desert island (including some surprises!)

  • A quote or memory from his teachings

  • His impact on their lives



With Thanks

  • The brass program at The Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University

  • Parker Mouthpieces (including the Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke models)

  • The Brass Junkies is produced by Andrew Hitz for Pedal Note Media